Online Social Studies Tuition

Hi there,

Tired of travelling long distances for physical tuition classes? Feeling shy to ask questions in a big group social studies tuition class? Trying to stay awake after a long day in school and now an even longer tuition lecture? I totally understand how you feel.

After many years teaching in a school where an average class size is about 30 to 40 students and then transiting to big group tuition classes, I have come to realise that what students need most to excel in the Social Studies examinations are 2 things:

  1. Concise lessons and time-based practices
  2. Personalised and prompt feedback 

In my years of teaching in school, I have come to realise that the 2 above-mentioned things are essential ingredients to help a student to excel in Social Studies. However, I was not able to provide as many time-based practices as I wished to; this was because I was teaching close to 200 students in school and I usually took about 30-40 minutes to mark 1 assignment. This meant that I needed an average of 100-130 hours to finish marking! This excluded the time for me to give personalised feedback to my students, which was of utmost importance to enable my students to know their own individual mistakes and how to improve.

In view of my MOE experience, I realise to allow me to address optimally in these 2 areas, I have decided to focus on personal and small group online lessons that are only 1 hour long. All my lessons would consist of a summary of my tried-and-tested methodologies and time-based practices to help my students to consolidate their learning and build their writing speed and stamina.  Some of my students/parents’ testimonies can be found HERE.


Secondary 4/5 (all classes are capped at a size of 6 students) 

Tuesdays 730-830pm

Wednesdays 7-8pm

Thursdays 730-830pm

Secondary 3

Mondays 630-730pm

If you are keen on joining my personal or small group social studies tuition classes and embark on a journey to excel in Social Studies, please feel free to whatsapp me at 9010 4931 or email me at

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about my methodologies and do your own self-revisions, I have uploaded a number of resources that might help you. They can be found here.