Social Studies Tuition Courses

Hi there,

I conduct personal online 1 to 1 and small group tuitions. More information on my tuition sessions is found here. I also conduct holiday online workshops to help students scaffold their learning in the shortest time possible. More information on the workshops is found here.

Why online?

The covid 19 situation has forced many of us to pivot to online lessons and through the past year, I have come to realise that having online lessons has numerous benefits. What are they?

  • Students save travelling time and this is of utmost importance. On average, my students used to spend about 1 hour (to and fro) to come for tuition lessons and now they do not have to. This extra 1 hour of saving enables students to have better rest and be more mentally prepared for the lesson. In my own experience, this is really beneficial as O level students are highly stressed and drained, therefore this rest will do them a lot of good.
  • Students can actually focus better! This might be counter-intuitive at first as most parents, including myself, might feel that not being in a physical class would actually cause students to not focus as much as it is easier for them to ‘drift off’ during the online lesson. On the contrary, in my own experience, online lessons do allow students to focus better as it actually eliminates the distractions of a ‘physical class’ such as students coming in later or the noises created by the dropping of books or moving of chairs/tables.
  • More effective consultation due to ‘online teaching moments‘! In a physical class, most of the consultations are done through paper-and-pen which might be slightly limiting compared to online lessons. In an online lesson, with the use of a tablet and various online applications, I am able to give more effective on-the-spot corrections and sometimes, I can quickly show a short introductory video to help address students’ queries more effectively. All these might not be done as adequately and smoothly in a physical lesson
  • All lessons would be recorded and then shared with the students. This allows students who missed the lessons, due to various commitment, to watch the recorded lessons at home. Students can also re-watch the lesson at home to do their own revision too.

How about the personal face-to-face experience? Of course, face-to-face lessons do have that personal experience that an online lesson might not be able to provide. To overcome this challenge, I do provide flexibility where my students and I can arrange a personal 1-1 online consultation to address concerns that might not be addressed effectively during the online lessons. But in my own experience, these concerns are usually minimal. In fact, most of my students who converted to online lessons have given great feedback about them!

Here is the tuition schedule for 2024:


Secondary 4/5 (all classes are capped at a size of 7 students)

Tuesdays 730-830pm

Wednesdays 7-8pm

Thursdays 730-830pm

If you are keen on joining my personal or small group social studies tuition classes and embark on a journey to excel in Social Studies, please feel free to whatsapp/call me at 9010 4931 or email me at

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about my methodologies and do your own self-revisions, I have uploaded a number of resources that might help you. They can be found here.