June 2023 Workshop

June 2023 Social Studies Tuition Online Holiday Workshop is here!  The workshop dates are as follow:

12th and 13th June 2023, 230 pm to 430 pm

What will be covered in this social studies tuition workshop? Students will be introduced source-based questions’ answering techniques and also be taught on how to analyse special O level SBQ questions such as:

“Study sources A and B. Does Source A prove that Source B is wrong?”

“Study Source A. Are you surprised by what it says?”

Sample answer outlines would also be given at the end of the social studies tuition workshop. In my decade long experience of tutoring O and N level Social Studies, I have come to realise the most effective student size of the workshop is to cap it at a size of 6 students. This is to allow me to be able to personalise my workshop to the participants in the most optimal way possible. So,vacancies are limited! The fee would be $200 nett, all notes would be provided at the end of the workshop. 

Email me at aceyoursocialstudies@gmail.com or contact me at 90104931 or visit my  facebook page and leave me a personal message to know more details. Looking forward to hearing from you!